What I Do

Brand Identity Design

Logos that I have designed are simple and well-executed to best represent your business’ core attributes. I believe that logos do not have to be overly complicated to convey meaning and inform the user what your brand is all about.

Information Architecture

In order to have a solid user experience, you have to first look at the business you design for.  Who is looking at your site?  What are your goals?  These are questions I will ask you to start building your web experience. By focusing on people more than technology, I get to the heart of what users want from your website. How do I find out? Simple. I ask them. I then overlay your company’s goals and find the sweet spot where you and your users can connect online.

User Interface Design

With over 10 years experience designing websites, I will help you stand out from everyone, engage your users, and convert them into customers. My style and aesthetic is one of of clean design and easy-to-use websites. Take a look at my web design work and you can see a vast range of designs while maintaining the consistency of simple, simply beautiful and user-friendly web sites.

Mobile Application User Interface Design

Design is no longer limited to the computer. Do you have a app idea or want to have a mobile version of your website? No problem. I have experience with mobile app design and can walk you through the steps of the process.

XHTML/CSS Front-End Production

Websites will only succeed if they are built properly. After I design your website, I turn the visual design into a functioning site, utilizing the latest in web standards. I use XHTML/CSS and jQuery to build all my custom designed sites.

Front-End Development

Do you want to have a slide show or photo gallery on your site? Most often this is used in the banner location of a website that allows for rotating content. Other examples could be for a navigation or tabs. Using jQuery on a website can make for a very pleasing user experience.

CMS Integration & Customization

Do you want to be able to update your own copy?  No problem. I work with Expression Engine, a powerful Content Management System. There are no technical skills required on your part to use and maintain your web content.


For me, this is a hobby that I love and enjoy being challenged with. I am just as adept to go onsite for a multi-advertising photo campaign as I am to shoot offsite for a model’s portfolio. If you want to do a photo walk with me, let me know. I just love taking photos.


Become a client

If you have any questions about my services, please contact me at (617) 553-2160 or ben@benbrunt.com